Food and drink

Food and drink

There are no people in the world, who don’t need a food and drink. Every one of us needs food and drink to survive. In whole world eating habits are different.
Canada’s most famous dish is pancakes with maple syrup; one of Britain’s best-known meals is fish and chips; any Irish person will tell you that the best Irish stew is the one their mother makes; a burger and fries is by far the most popular type of meeal bought in the US; and so one and so one.

My personal eating habits are very easy. I like food, so I need it. Italian kitchen is my favorite! I never say “no”, if somebody suggests for me a pizza or spaghetti. When I have a free minute I often go to pizzeria and buy big pizza with ham, cheese and ketchup. I love Lithuanian kitchen too, because I can’t live without “cepelinai”, potatoes slapjacks and “kugelis”. . My mother can maake very well it. I use a lot of different spices. Its pepper, cinnamon, dill and of course my favorite “Santa Maria” spices. I hate pasta dishes. It doesn’t taste good for me. In summer I always eat a lot of

f vegetables and fruits, because they have some vitamins and it is good for me. I like drink coffee, tea, juice and all strong drinks.
Eating out is very important to peoples who are hard working and don’t have a time to eat in they homes. These peoples are eating in fast food restaurants, cafes or pizzerias. Eating out likes almost every people, because it’s cozy and enough tasty.
My favorite dish is “kugelis with poultry”. If you want to make it you will need 2 kilos of potatoes, 100 gram of milk, 2 eggs, a taste of salt, 200 gram of poultry tenderloin and 2 big onions. You must to rinse poultry, cut it into small pieces, then mix with mayonnaise and leave aside 2 hours. After thhat time poultry pieces must be fry up. Then you must to peel and wash potatoes and shredder them together with onions. Pour the milk, mixed eggs, salt and poultry with all grease into potatoes pasta. Everything is mixed and pours into baking tin, which are spreaded with fat. Bake in 250 degrees oven about 1 – 2 hours.
Lithuanians like to eat good, tasty and filling foods. The tradition of eating well is inherited from our ancestors, who would say, he who eats we
ell, works well. Lithuanian cooks prepare simple but tasty foods. A good cook can create delicious meals using simple ingredients. Lithuanian traditional cuisine took shape over many centuries and was much influenced by cultural contacts with neighboring nations. Lithuania is divided into five ethnic regions. The Highlanders, Aukštaičiai, are known for their various pancakes and cottage cheese dishes. The Samogitians, žemaičiai, have their special sour butter, porridges and much gruel. Dzūkai are main growers and users of buckwheat in all its forms, as well as mushrooms and potatoes. And the Suvalkiečiai favor smoked meats, sausages and cepelinai.
Lithuanians have rich eating traditions and maintain strict seating order at table. The father sits at the end of the table, near the wall. The eldest son sits at the father’s right, while other men sit next to the son along the wall. Women sit across from the men and mother sits at the opposite end from the father. This traditional seating is maintained especially during holidays, when the entire family gathers together. Bread is placed in the most honorable place on the table which is right in front of father. Eating starts with the slicing of bread by the father. Father slices and pa
asses the bread with great respect. The first slice, a corner of the bread was given to the eldest, married son, with wishes that his firstborn will be a son.
My birthday party menu is very simple. I think there must be a big roast for every guest, because after good meal everyone will be happier. Also there must be delly and refreshment. And of course there must be bear and some any strong drinks. With these things I can celebrate a birthday, because that is all that is needed to make peoples happier.
Healthy eating is good thing, but I’m eating who I want to eat and don’t pay attention for food healthy.
I’m not sitting on various diets and I don’t think that it’s very good to sit on a diet, because organism can’t take all the stuff he needs.

To sum up, I can say that where to eat, what food eat, on what diet sit and so one is each person business. And food and drink is needed to world like air.

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