My family has recently moved into free-room flat in a nine-storey building. It is in the new housing area in the suburbs. Our flat isn`t large.We occupy only free rooms, but it is quite enough keeping in mind the dual problem of an acute housing shortage and lack of space in urban areas. so, we have sitting-room, a study, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom.We have all modern convencies: hot runnig water, centras heating, gas and telephone. There are a sofa near the wall, a low table, two armchairs, two low chairs, and a TV set in the sitting-room. Our second room is designed as a study. The furniture is very comfortable there. There are a writing-desk, a padded chair, a bookcase and a sofa in the study. There are a double bed, a dressing-table anda warddrobe in the bedroom. in the kitchen my mother makes food. There are , of course, a range, a table, saving gatgets, e.g. elektrical toaster, a mixer. a coffee grinder, a microware oven, a vacuum cleaner. My father can repair all home electrical appliances himself. Uor bathroom isn`t very big. There are a bath-tub, a shower, a wash-stand and an oval mirror there. There is parquet floor in our flat. There are carpets an the floor in every room. We all help mother around the house. Housekeeping duties are equally divided among the family members. Mother does most of the shopping and cooking. Father dusts the carpets, the children clean the rooms, polish the floor and wash the dishes. We hate kaving mess, hence the flat is always in order and cosy. Our flat overlooks a fine garden with beatiful trees and lot of flowers