Every morning we woke up and think what to wear that day because it is very important how we look nowadays. Almost everybody wants to look fashionable and stylish. People spend hours before the mirror, go to the clothes shops, to the sport clubs, beauty saloons, watch programs about fashion, read magazines. They do everything to be beautiful and attractive and it takes a huge place in our life.

Every person has his own style. One prefer to decorate himself wi

ith piercing in different places, second with tattoos, third with unusual color of hair, also there are people who don’t think that appearance is important and they prefer to wear not trendy clothes but just comfortable, so everyone is different from other people. People express theirs feeling and emotional condition. That’s why we can say so many things about person just by looking on his clothes and style. So for example people who like to attract others and be in th
he centre of attention wear clothes with bright colors or wear something unusual, people who are shy and prefer not to get attention like to wear dark clothes and they don’t do something extraordinary to themselves for example tattoos, piercing or
r something like that. Except of that we can see if person is neat or not, what are his traits of character, and finally interests. For example if person wear sport style clothes he might like to do sport, if he wear t-shirt with photo of some famous people we can guess that he is fun of this person.

From the another hand nowadays there is not only a lot of people who just like to wear fashionable clothes but there are a lot of who choice career of designing it, that is why there are so many famous designers who design modern clothes and show the collection for people. Also there are different services where you can get t-shirts wi

ith your photo, or different phrases what you want. And the choice of clothes is very big for everybody.

I think that despite of everyone’s style there are some rules which everybody have to follow. For example students shouldn’t wear clothes for school like for disco, however I don’t like the uniform too, when people search the job during job interview they have to wear formally and so on.

What about me I have a lot of my favorite clothes. And I

really like not just to look beautifully but and feel comfortable in my clothes. Also I am interested in fashion. I like to watch fashion TV, and read magazines very much.

To sum up I would like to say that the clothes and appearance very important in our life. All people should look after themselves and try to do everything to be attractive and satisfied with theirs appearance so that they could trust themselves.