To begin with, there are variety of entertainment centres in Šiauliai, begining with dance clubs, concert halls and ending with theatre and cinema. Those, who like rumbustious music, prefere dancing and relaxing choose dance clubs, such like „Neopolis“, „Pegasas“, „Max‘as“ and others. People, who like music stars and their concerts go to concert halls and have an exciting time enjoying their favorite celebrities programme. Also, if you are a big fan of performances you will definitely choose Drama Theatre. And fiinally, for those, who are obsessed about films our city has even two movie houses – it‘s „Saulė“ cinema and „Laikas“ cinema.

Frankly speaking, I prefere all types of entertainment I named before. First of all, I have a fancy for visiting Drama Theatre, because I find it marvelous how performers can personate their characters and act like another person, so Drama Theatre produces the biggest impresion on me. In addition, sometimes I like to go to some kind of concerts of myy favourite groups, becouse I find it fun to meet my celebrity in real and enjoy the programme. Also, I love going to cinema, because I like to watch movies, I like how film directors create the contrived reality, I li

ike expirience adventures of characters, to taste of danger, fear or joy. And the last, but not least, where I like to spend my leisure time after a hard-working week are dancing clubs, because they are my favourite places to relax and have amusing time with my friends or meet new people. Furthermore, dance clubs and cinema I like best of all entertainment places.

So, why do people go to theatres, dance clubs, cinemas and concerts? From my point of view, they are searching for unexpirienced emotions. In theatres and concerts they enjoy seeing famous talented performers and their possbilities, in cinemas they broaden their imagination or just laugh from comedies. And finally, people visit dance clubs to chill out or wiithin the bounds of possibility the dance is the passion of their live.

If I had an opportunity to open an entertainment center I would choose to open a dance club, because it is the most popular entertainment place among young people and there are a lack of good dance clubs in our city. It would be very attracting for young people, with unussual architecture and interior. Inside it would be a lot of vivid lights and a huge dancing platform wi

ith go-go dancers and so on.

In conclusion (the issue), I would like to say, that everyone choose their cups of tea, I meant that people prefere those entertainments they like most. They choose them agreeably to their temper and liking and enjoy them.

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