English Surrounds Us

English surrounds us

All me life I thought English was important. I have always thought oftraveling to such countries as U.S.A., England or Australia. And I havealways been interested in their culture and language. But now I realizedthat English is even more important to our country as we became a part ofEuropean Union.

First of all, we get lots of stuff such as Hollywood movies, music, lots ofbooks written in English. To understand the words of songs, movies andbooks we need English. Then you get more interested in movie, certain songor even book.

Secondly, English is required in almost all Lithuanian universities. So ifyou want to join one you will have to know English. In addition, you willget much more opportunities. You will have a chance to go and study in thefamous universities and colleges all over the world.

Finally, after you get through with your education and you are not able toget a job here you will always be able to go and work abroad. Your wage andjob will depend on your ability to speak English. That is why we shouldgive lots of attention to it because it can change our lives.

However lots of people think that we should not give so much attention toEnglish because it is not our native language. Sometimes they ignore ordislike people who are really interested in English because according tothem we loose our patriotism. So they think that our native language is theone that we should be studying because it is the memory of our ancestrieswho fought and died to save it.In short, I think it is really important for us to learn English because itcan change our future.