Endangered species

Endangered species

There are a lot of species of animals in the world currently. But some species constantly vanish. Now I want to describe three nice animals, which are endangered.

The first animal is Giant Panda, which lives in Southwestern Chine. It eats flowers, grass and bamboo. It is in endangered because of destruction of habitat. Other reason is that variety of bamboo is decreasing. Giant Panda is hunted for her fell too. It is illegal to kill them. Special wild-life pa arks have been set up to protect them.

The second animal, which I want to describe is elephant. It lives in South Africa. There it eats grass, twigs and some fruits. Elephant is endangered because it is hunted for his tusks. Nowdays it is banned the hunting and trading of ivory.

And the last animal – Rhino. It lives in Africa. It eats grass and plants. Rhino is endangered because it is hunted for his horns. One thing which has been done to pr rotect it is the guard of areas where it lives. Also the seeling of rhino horn has been banned.

There are described only several animals which are endangered. And we are partly guilty for such situation. Therefore we must protect th


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