in today’s fast moving world , people have less and less time to spend eating or cooking . This is one of the main reason for the increasing popularity of junk food . furthermore , the loss of tradition , partly brought about by the fact that the life style represented on TV is fat , leads young people to believe that a fast life style means excitement , whereas anything traditional is slow . as a result of this , young people are rejecting traditional food and turning ccan also junk food ,
however , junk food can not only result in weight gain and poor skin , but increase the risk of cancer , and heart or liver disease .
on the other hand , eating healthy food has many positive effects , firstly , it can reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease . in addition , it can help people gain a slim figure , glowing skin and all – round feeling of good health . in spite of the fact that the majority of people are awware of the dangers of junk food , they continue to eat it . however , little do they seem to realize that by returning to traditional eating habits , not only would they feel healthier , but they would also be better eqipped for th

heir stressful life styles

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