Do you think it is important to follow fashion?

Do you think it is important to follow fashion?

Fashion was always one of the most important aspects of people’ life. Many a time it was a kind of social delimitation. High society, when wanted to demonstrate its fortune, wears cloths, which were too expensive for others.

At present the situation is not much different. Wearing expansive cloths is nowadays mainly a feature of teenagers. They want to put on the latest heights of fashion, because they want to be admired by peers and opposite sex.

Contrasted fashion, hairstyle and appearance are usually particular for different society groups and cults. More over, it is fashion that creates and develops views of a group like that. It starts being identified with a way of living, convictions, opinions, and not a person as an individual. In the long run, that may destroy our singularity as human beings, and cause deterioration of our personality.

Today, on the fashion market, firms like Adidas or Nike started to dominate. They sell mainly sports wear, which is very expensive. But, from my point of view, these clothes became some kind of a symbol of snobbery. It’s true that they are really excellent, well done and extremely comfortable, but they are no longer, what they were designed for. As far as I’m concerned, most of people wearing them nowadays are simply snobs, not sportsmen. Following this kind of fashion is just a way of imposing others and can just lay us open to ridicule.

To cut a long story short, we certainly shouldn’t follow fashion by all means. In my opinion, everybody should have his own style, exact and proper for himself. I think that we ought to rely more on ourselves in matters of fashion. Maybe that will let the rests of our individuality survive.