Do you exercise regularly? Why/ why not? In your opinion are physical education lessons are useful and necessary? What should people do to keep fit?

Do you exercise regularly? That is really a good question. To tell you the truth I don’t. Some people say they aren’t exercising due to a lack of time. Well, I couldn’t say so and to my mind it is nothing more nor less than just an excuse because doctors say that twenty minutes exercise three times a week is all that is necessary to gain visible benefits. How ether it is up to them if they exercise or not. I don’t take regular exercises due to I` am not stubborn enough and I often choose reading a book or something else instead of doing exercises.
To my mind are really useful and necessary for students. On the other hand students are often very tired from a huge load in other lessons and then they start passing physical education lessons. Of course those lessons are not so important for young people because they often find a chance to play some games or other ways loosen up.
To sum up, physical education lessons are highly recommended but not necessary if a man finds another way to move his muscles.
There are to main things for people to keep fit. First one is to exercise regularly and the second is to choose correct diet. Exercise plays an important part in keeping the body fit and healthy; it helps to control weight and, if taken regularly, can also decrease chances of having heart attack in later life. It needs only about one hour per week and it doesn’t matter if you spend this hour playing a match of basketball or doing physical jerks. If you want to keep fit you ought to choose correct diet. The general point of choosing a good diet is to avoid junk food. It does harm not only to your form but usage of this kind of food also associated with a greater risk of cancer.
In conclusion, I would like to say that it doesn’t matter if you are young or old because all human beings need to take some exercise due to it helps you to it helps you to keep fit and overcome the daily routine.