computers and education

Computers are a new and exciting part of education and learning. They have changed the how student learn, study, and do assignments. Furthermore they have changed the way teachers teach. Every day in computers innovations are made that will improve how computers can be used by educators and students alike.

The most basic way that computers help students is through word processing. Through word processing programs like Claris Works and Microsoft Word students can access programs to edit, correct spelling errors, annd much more. Programs can also be bought that will change writing into the MLA format. It also gives students the ability to be creative and add pictures, highlight, underline, and use different fonts.

In some classrooms the teachers use computers to compound what they teach. Computers can be used as projectors, to run programs, or simply to print out information quickly. Use of the internet is also now part of the modern classroom.

There are many tutorial programs available. They are exxcellent in helping students hone their skills at home. These programs are for the most part affordable and have a wide range of topics. Many young children start using these even before entering school so that they are more prepared wh

hen they enter.

Internet access is arguably the best form of computer innovations. Students and teachers alike can use the internet to do research. Researching on the internet is easy and enables one to access many things that they could not with conventional means. Furthermore teachers and students can use it to communicate or to send papers.

As you can see computers are an excellent tool to help in education and learning. There are no boundaries to what computers can do.

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