City living or country living

These days many young people move from countries to live in the cities. Why is it so? Maybe it is so that they dont have many possibilities to develop themselves. Country life is slow and boring so they choose city apart country, because all the science institutions are established in the cities. Here are many more working places and more opportunities to choose. Living in the city is better in many ways. There is a big selection of shops, so you can choose one of them and they are nearer to you. In general you can save your time and money, because transport is cheaper in the cities. Cities are full of restaurants and bars so you dont get bored because you dont have to go to the same one all over again. In the cities there are a lot of schools and universities, so you can choose one of them and get a better education. If you want to learn much you choose a gymnasium. If it is too hard for you, then you go to a secondary school. The same thing is with universities. After graduating there is a bigger opportunity to get a better, well paid job. Certainly in the cities there are much more places where you can relax and have fun. Lots of cinemas show more films, many theaters perfom more plays.You can spend your time perfectly at clubs, bars and amusement parks. I think you wont find such things in the country. So thats why people move. But city living has also bad features. Older people move to live in the countries because they are tired from intensive and variable life in the cities. Cities are noisy from transport and crowded with millions of people. Of course there is a bigger crime rate than in the countries. Polluted air and noise are one of the most important things which determines resettlement to the countries. I think almost everyone would like to spend their holidays in a silent countryside. Forget their daily problems and have a good relaxation. Life in the countryside is different than in the city and both of then have their pros and cons. Mostly people choose one of them by their requirements and possibilities. I think city living is better for young people because it gives them more opportunities to choose and to plan their life.