Artificial intelligence control


Artificial intelligence control

In our time it seems unbelievable that we could live without technology innovations such as smartphones, tablets or computers and it leads to the fact that day-by-day we become more and more isolated from the true essence of living and the meaning of being alive. Especially that issue concerns on young people minds who can’t imagine a day without being not able to use their smartphones. We tend to complain about the impact of the technology in our existence but it may be kind of ironically possibility because we are the ones who invented and started an era of artificial intelligence.

Firstly, let’s begin with the consumption of the artificial intelligence. There is a plenty of examples which can be demonstrated as a progress of artificial intelligence but the most obvious is taken from military. As we already know that during two World War’s civilization have suffered from enormous damage of military equipment. So, we need to learn how to use artificial intelligence not only in inappropriate way.

On the other side, artificial intelligence is a proof of human mental abilities. In the 21st century technologies are becoming a main learning resource. Some time ago students were studying only from the books. Then was even hard to predict that in the future books will be replaced by the Internet. Therefore, I’d like to say that technologies had given plenty of positive advantages through our lifetime.

In conclusion, artficial intelligence control will cause our society in a particular way of self-learning and for this reason we need to prevent that from happening.