Advantages and disadvantages of Euro

Advantages and disadvantages of Euro

Euro is an ongoing concern which many nations have to deal with. Since 2002, 12 European countries gave up their national currency forever and adopted a common currency: the euro. It is strengthening the cooperation among the countries which use euro, but despite this much can be said in favour and against it.

First of all, one of the positive points is that when you travel in the euro area, you only have to change currency once; one cuurrency is all you need. In addition to this, it makes the trip more enjoyable, because you do not have to worry where to change money. For instance, when you visit museum in Italy, you can pay the entrance using euro coins left over from your stay in Greece and so on. It undoubtedly saves both: your time and money.

Moreover, the shopping becomes much more convenient, because prices in different countries are displayed in the same currency. As a result, thhey are easier to compare and make the right choice. However, when doing business with the euro area, there is no longer risk of fluctuation between currencies, due to this, managing your business becomes easier and less expensive.

What is more, at

t least until the end of 2012, national central banks will exchange their old national banknotes against euro free of charge. So, there is no hurry, to change all the national banknotes you have at once.

On the other hand, we can not forget the drawbacks and the main one is that some of people have a liking to think that prices will rise when our national currency will be exchanged to euro. Of course, there may be a slight rise of prices, but it will not be a significant one.

Besides, the older people may find it difficult to get accustomed to euro. So it is necessary that for a first few years all prices will be displayed in euro and in liitas at the same time.

Finally, heaps of laws have to be changed to make euro our national currency, and this is a time-consuming process and ,needless to say, much should be done to rise the living wage of poor people, because they will not be able to pay for their everyday needs.

Taking everything into account, there are more pros than cons and despite all negative aspects, positive ones are on the top.

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