• Shopping is an activity that is necessary in our lives. Most people have to spend part of their day doing some kind of shopping for food or other essential items. We have a number of choices about where we go shopping. We can go to a big department store, a mall, a smaller local shop, or an outdoor

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  • I am born in Kaunas. This is a city I love and adore. Firstly Kaunas is situated in the center of Lithuania. Kaunas is just one hour of way from capital and two hours of way from resorts near the beach. The biggest highways cross Kaunas. So traveling from city to city never causes problems. Secondly

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  • Verslo apibūdinimas Mūsų firma Rostera teikia interneto paslaugas, kuria internetinius puslapius. i veikla yra perspektyvi, nes augant Lietuvos ekonomikai, susidomėjimas internetu didėja, įmonėms atsiranda poreikis turėti profesionalias interneto svetaines. Mes adame plėstis ir įkurti naują inter

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  • I like to spend my holidays when I_m traveling. I have visited many countries, but the most adventurous trip I had in Turkey. It was a spring season the weather; the weather was fine about 25-30 degrees of Celsius. Days were passing quietly: usually in the morning we were having trips to nearby citi

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  • Everyday we face up with cruelty and violence. Newspapers and TV are just talking about thieves, murders and other criminals. In that case violence on movies are inevitable. To my mind violent movies make the biggest harm to children and such films should be regulated by law and forbidden to watch v

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