• All Amenities are more or less essential in the city. But the most indispensable are sport centers, theatres and museums, clubs and discothques. First of all, city people need good and various sport centers. Living in a noisy and polluted environment we drain our bodies. Just doing sports after work

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  • Dear Sir or Madam, I have just read your advertisement published in todays the Times for taking part in international TV shows. I would like to appear in one of your shows very much. I am a 18-year-old student. At present I am attending J. Jablonskis gymnasium in Kaunas. I love singing and hav

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  • The story of Ernest Shackletons unsuccessful expedition to Antarctica in 1914 is one of the greatest in the history of exploration. On the expedition, Shackleton planned to cross Antarctica. But the ship, the Endurance became trapped in the ice when the sea froze just 100miles from the coast of Anta

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  • Present Simple Use 1.To express an action that happens again and again, that is a habit. I usually get up at 7 o_clock. Nick always helps his friends. 2.To express a fact which is always true. Rockets fly faster than airplanes. Expressions: always every day usually sometimes never Present Continuo

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  • Drug Dependence, psychological and sometimes physical state characterized by a compulsion to take a drug in order to experience its psychological effects. Psychological dependence, or habituation, is present when the compulsion to take a drug is strong, even in the absence of physical withdrawal sym

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  • William Shakespeare is one of the greatest dramatist and writers in the world. He is famous for his tragedies, comedies, tragicomedies, historical plays. In his plays he discusses world-wide problems, he laughs and make us laugh together, but he doesn_t criticise anybody. His plays may also be calle

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  • George Gordon Byron was born in London. When his father left the family he stayed with mother. Soon they moved to Aberdeen. He was lame from birth, but he was eager for adventure. He spent a lot of time in on the mountains. / At the age of ten G.G.B. inherited the the title of Lord. Afte

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  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge was the son of a country vicar in Devonshire. He was given the classical schooling at public school and ancient university. When he was 25 yers old, he was one of the most educated men of his days. At Cambridge he became a supporter of French Revolution and democratic ideas.

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  • I like to spend my holidays when I_m traveling. I have visited many countries, but the most adventurous trip I had in Turkey. It was a spring season the weather; the weather was fine about 25-30 degrees of Celsius. Days were passing quietly: usually in the morning we were having trips to nearby citi

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  • Everyday we face up with cruelty and violence. Newspapers and TV are just talking about thieves, murders and other criminals. In that case violence on movies are inevitable. To my mind violent movies make the biggest harm to children and such films should be regulated by law and forbidden to watch v

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